Aist Plus Hotel

Aist Plus Hotel

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Private hotel Aist is located in the centre of the historic city of Bukhara, not far  from the famous Divan Begi madrassah. The convenient location allows Guests to enjoy muse traditional style of the city of Bukhara. The interior of each room like Bukhara color  in the late of the 19th century.

Passing through the hall you come into a beautiful courtyard, surrounded by a magnificent two-story building, is built in traditional Bukharian style - perfect for relaxing and knowledge of the architectural heritage of the Uzbek people of the 19th  century.

The rooms of the Aist are small, simply furnished, but offering everything you need for a good rest here. The room Interior is decorated with ornaments, paintings and carved ceilings, while the rooms arranged in the cells fitted with arched passageways and vaulted ceilings. Furthermore, the Hotel "Aist" has a small courtyard. Its walls are written over with ancient inscriptions in Arabic, and the ground floor represents a terrace with tables to have breakfasts.

On the second floor of the hall you can  see the aivan. The rooms of the hotel  combine both the national and European style that create a single composition of two different civilisations.