Malika Khiva Hotel

Malika Khiva Hotel

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Lovely hotel "Malika Khiva", belonging to the hotel chain "Malika", is located near the Ata Darvoza, next to the central gate of Ichan Kala.

This magnificent hotel was built in refined oriental style, which lets create all the conditions for first-class guests a comfortable stay. Rooms are equipped with modern air conditioning, a bathroom and a telephone that is connected to foreign countries.

On the well-kept grounds of the hotel “Malika Khiva” there is a wonderful small garden where you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the shade of trees, sitting on the benches of the Uzbek national "trestle-bed". Right here, in the garden, polite staff that will do all your slightest wishes can bring you a breakfast or a cup of tonic tea that cheers you up and return forces spent to explore the numerous attractions located in the ancient city of Khiva.

You will be remembering your unforgettable stay for a long time in this wonderful palace!