Tour "Misterious Uzbekistan"

Tour "Misterious Uzbekistan"

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Tour "Mysterious Uzbekistan"

Uzbekistan with its huge and rich history could not help but acquire a mass of secrets and surprising puzzles, stirring thoughts. Tour "Mysterious Uzbekistan" will give you a chance to unravel them!

As it should, the most fascinating secrets took refuge away from city bustle and night neon lights - in the mountains. Here time flows differently, and a completely different view opens up to the eyes, inspiring new achievements and awakening something long forgotten in man.

The spirit of many centuries is hovering in the Beldersay tract, where ancient people who lived in the Neolithic age, and this is about 3,000 years ago, left to us, their distant descendants, samples of their art - petroglyphs. Rock paintings have survived very well, but the meaning of the message that has survived to this day remains hidden. Was it just the experience of ancient people in the arts or did they want to leave us some messages? What did they live and what could they teach us about their views on life? Touch these and many other puzzles you can in this exciting tour.

But mountains can be better than mountains only, so that even the places that are not hidden by mysteries are amazing with their splendor. Such a landscape and atmosphere you will not find elsewhere, and an amazing piercingly blue sky will forever change your idea of ​​nature - it was these living colors that inspired great naturalists to paint their paintings.

Gulkam gorges let into their palaces only those whose heart is open to adventure, because here you will be met by waterfalls and colorful rapids, mountain rivers and stony passes for the bravest.

But in the centuries-old cities of Uzbekistan, many mysterious things are hidden. Do you think the capital has not kept any secrets behind it? You are mistaken. Over the millennia of its existence, Tashkent has accumulated dozens of historical and eventful layers, traces of which can still be found ... if, of course, one knows where to look for them. Do not worry, we will show you these amazing places in an exciting cognitive excursion.

The focus of urban legends of Uzbekistan is the ancient city-museum of Bukhara - different cultures, epochs, civilizations crossed here, giving rise to many legends and myths, some of which sound absolutely improbable, but only until you see the legendary Bukhara personally - here you will understand, that even the most unrealistic, at first glance, legends can be true.

Untouched nature in all its glory and the riddles of the most beautiful of cities are open to you! You have only one step to go to meet her!