Tour "Treasury of Eastern cultures.

Tour "Treasury of Eastern cultures.

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Tour "Treasury of Eastern Culture, UNESCO treasury"

Over two thousand years ago, in the territory of modern Central Asia, three cities emerged, which were destined to become living legends. Here science and traditions were born, new civilizations intersected and appeared, great people of different epochs created and shared knowledge. These three cities are Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara.

The cities have preserved centuries-old buildings that reflected significant events and became important milestones in the history of all mankind. That is why UNESCO has contributed them to its World Cultural Heritage List.

The organization recognized the Khiva as a unique object for the cultural tradition of civilizations, both existing and already sunk into oblivion on the territory of modern Central Asia. Bukhara was declared a city in which the most important events took place in culture, art, technology, architecture and other directions that played a role for all mankind. As for Samarkand, the whole city is called UNESCO as a masterpiece of human creative genius.

It sounds impressive, but the legendary cities look much more incredible.

The cities have preserved their historical appearance and many structures, and even the very spirit of these places fills the atmosphere with amazing sensations that are difficult to describe. It seems that you just moved in time and saw with your own eyes frames of past epochs.

Here the troops of Alexander the Great enter the victorious march into the gates of Bukhara under the leadership of the greatest commander, here the invincible Tamerlane storms the ancient Khiva for the fourth time - and again unsuccessfully, but another caravan arrives in Samarkand, carrying spices, gold and - most importantly - knowledge of the Great Silk ways.

Second - and the instantaneous delusion disappeared. You are again in a modern city, surrounded by comrades who look at you with bewilderment. And only the guide smiles understandingly at you - he already knows how easy it is to immerse himself in the world of dreams, presenting such important events in the history of mankind.

We live in a wonderful time, when everyone who wants - in whatever corner of the world he is - can visit any museum of the planet. So why not visit the open-air museum the size of a city tomorrow?

Tour of Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara promises to be exciting. Do not delay for a long time!