When to visit Uzbekistan


Every season in Uzbekistan has its charms. In spring, the eyes of every resident and guest of the Republic appear Blooming Uzbekistan, painted with a palette of ripening fruits of solar fruits and aromas of so many plants here. Each city will surprise you with fruit trees growing everywhere and the coolness of their shade. The weather is also not disappoint — so rare rains tend to be short, besides quite warm. The air temperature in the afternoon ranges from 15 to 30 degrees, so in April and may, you can already swim.

Spring is attractive for its colors. This season all its charm reveal the unique mountain expanses of Uzbekistan with endless carpets of magnificent tulips and clean air. Only in the spring you can enjoy the unique taste of local delicacies such as cook-samsa, which is prepared from spring herbs for the Grand holiday of Navruz, and Mador-samsa, prepared from special medicinal plants that are extracted high in the mountains. In addition, it is the spring holiday Navruz that gives all guests its solemn dish — sumalak.


In the summer a new facet of our lands opens - Uzbekistan Dazzling. If in the Far East our luminary gets up, in Uzbekistan it spends its entire day. It is a pity that people can not accumulate solar energy for future use - in the cities of Uzbekistan, then everyone could collect themselves for many years. That is why fruits and vegetables of Uzbekistan have such a magnificent taste, the glory of which reaches even the most remote corners of the planet. But in the summer you can not only collect yourself juicy fruits - in the bright rays of the summer sun, a new kind of historical attractions of the republic opens. You can see architectural monuments in all its glory. However, it is important to remember that summer in Central Asia is much hotter than in Europe and more northern regions, so be sure to have enough water and hats.

But from high temperatures you can always hide. For this purpose, the mountain beauty of the republic is best suited. The purity and special charm of the air alone here will make you forget about all the ailments and problems and will unequivocally make it clear why the inhabitants of the mountains are longevity and strong health. If you are more attracted to the reservoirs, then an excellent choice will be a trip to the legendary Aral Sea, whose landscapes are absolutely unique.


In autumn the country turns into Mysterious Uzbekistan. This season in Uzbekistan is especially popular with tourists, because it combines several seasons: summer sun, spring heat during the day and autumn coolness at night. The pomegranate and melon are still full of the taste of the sun, the season of precipitation does not yet remind us, the secrets of the history of the Uzbek land are still open to curious people. And the color of the autumn sky over Uzbekistan can not be described in words, but seeing it with your own eyes, you will never forget it again. The spread of temperatures even for one day can be great - from +10 to +35 degrees, rains are infrequent.

Autumn is an ideal time for visiting historical places and places of interest, since the heat does not stop to be in the open space, considering the amazing design and architectural solutions of the ancient architects of the Middle East, which you will no longer meet in any country in the world. Also this season will reveal for you all the delights of Uzbek cuisine: pilaf, the recipe of which is unique for every city of Uzbekistan, shish kebab from tender meat, mastava and many other dishes that in other seasons can be unusual for guests of the republic.


But this season in Uzbekistan is little like the generally accepted notions about it. Uzbekistan The peaceful Uzbekistan does not differ much from the autumn in the cities, but the mountainous expanses of the country open in all its glory. The snow here is ideal for skiing due to the dryness, and the temperature rarely falls below -15 degrees. In the cities it is much warmer, therefore, there is not much snow here either. Winter Uzbekistan is also suitable for tourism, as the colds here are rare and weak, and the sun pleases the eye every day.
Winter in Uzbekistan is traditionally considered a ski season. Experts call the snow-covered slopes of the republic one of the best places in the world for this sport, since the snow here has an ideal structure. Places for descent are also very diverse - there are routes for beginners and experts-extremals. The most popular are Chimgan and Beldersay mountains.